Dennis Lück

dennis lück

Dennis Lück began his professional career as a youth editor and freelance writer for the Pfälzischer Merkur and the Saarbrücker Zeitung. In 2002, he entered theworld of advertising as a text trainee at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg. After four years there, he was appointed Creative Director, and another four years later, Lück, who was only 32 at the time, was promoted to Managing Director.

2010 saw the move to Switzerland, and Lück had the task of establishing Scholz & Friends Zurich on the market. Within a year, the branch grew to a team of almost 70. At the end of 2011, he took over as creative director at FCB Zurich - the agency he transformed into a creative hotspot and led to No. 1 in the creative rankings. In 2016, he moved to Jung von Matt/Limmat, where he served as chief creative officer and co-owner, responsible for the agency's creative output. Lück's tasks included continuing to help shape the agency's cross-media aspirations. Since Lück's arrival, Jung von Matt has been the permanent No. 1 agency in creative rankings. For 5 years now, Lück has led the creative ranking in Switzerland -an unprecedented record. The industry refers to this as the "Lückeffect."

Lück has been called "Switzerland's most creative and successful advertiser" by the press, from Tagesanzeiger to Schweizer Illustrierte. In 2017, he was named "Advertiser of the Year". Lück is a regular jury member at all relevant awards around the globe as well as a welcome interview guest and keynote speaker. At the beginning of 2021, Lück embarked on a new professional chapter and, together with Raphael Brinkert, founded his own agency called brinkertlück, which was launched with two locations in Germany and Switzerland. The agency is already working for well-known companies such as Swisscom, SPD, Zurich Insurance, Zurich Tourism, VELOPA, Hyundai, VIU, German Football Association, Hyundai, Saarland, Hockey Club Davos and many more. Only one year after its foundation, brinkertlück was named "Agency of the Year".

In addition to his involvement in the communications industry, Lück was named one of the four official guest columnists by NZZ am Sonntag in 2019. On the side, he is involved in education and has worked on the future of the Matura exam for his home canton of Aargau. Dennis Lück lives with his family in Wohlen AG and plays drums in the punk rockband "Ultrahocherhitzt" in his spare time. 
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